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108 votes

Why is macOS often referred to as 'Darwin'?

20 votes

Why is Apple using an older version of OpenSSL?

19 votes

is this swap memory use normal?

14 votes

Should important files in iCloud also be backed up elsewhere?

13 votes

Any free VM's for Apple Silicon MacBooks?

11 votes

Whenever I try to edit /etc/hosts with Vi or Nano /private/etc/hosts is opened instead

7 votes

Did the shell ( terminal ) change in Catalina?

5 votes

Terminal Disk Free `df` returns Huge `ifree` free inodes

5 votes

Why IDN domains are not shown properly in Safari?

3 votes

Warning when installing npm using MacPorts I don't understand/what to do with?

2 votes

Even with Parallel on an M2 or M3 Mac, do we need the ARM binaries for the VM?

1 vote

Numbers not sorting names correctly

1 vote

How to make sure "brew" only installs what I want without breaking other things?

1 vote

Is every program that ran on Intel Macs capable of being run on the new M1 Macs?