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Full stack web developer with over 10 years of experience. I fill confident in:

  • HTML & CSS: Bootstrap, HTML5 & CSS3 obviously, responsive design, fast page rendering rules of different browsers, etc.
  • Javascript: jQuery, Angular.
  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Ruby Metaprogramming: including testing and other widely used tools. Application performance tuning (RSpec, Chef, capistrano, CI tools, etc.).
  • Java: Spring core and other popular Spring projects (Security, Spring Boot, etc.)
  • Databases & SQL obviously: Postgres, MySQL, etc.
  • NoSql databases: Key-value, document based, graph DB (neo4j).
  • Maintainable code: Design patterns, OOP Principles, Enterprise application architecture, etc.

Well, there are so many things a developer might know, so I think there is no reason to list them all here. If you want to learn about me for some reason, contact me. I am a very open person :)