I am a mobile developer, mostly working with iOS. I live in London which is where most of my work is. I particularly enjoy rambling about Objective-C in depth and solving problems by diving right into the guts of the runtime or the object code itself. Nothing beats a hard to solve problem!

For my day job, I am the founder of Swipe Stack Ltd which is a team of passionate app developers & designers. We create apps for all sorts of clients and even some of our own when we get time.

I am the author of Effective Objective-C 2.0, a book that dives deep into Objective-C and explains how to use the language to its full potential.

I also write for the excellent RayWenderlich.com website and co-authored iOS 6 by Tutorials, a book guiding readers through topics in a tutorial layout. It covers all the topics introduced in iOS 6 and more.

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