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How to see compass accuracy and recalibrate the compass in iOS 10?
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In troubleshooting this, I learned a few important things: While there is no way to manually force a recalibration of the compass aside from toggling location services on and off, generally the ...

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Help! After signing up for Apple Music, 'Media Services' on iPhone is gobbling up all my cellular data despite my settings to not use it
1 votes

After some extensive testing and looking at the data usage time period, I have concluded that I was bitten by the 'wifi assist' feature (which is now set to off). The massive sync of songs to my ...

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Compass in maps and app always wrong
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I know this old but I came here from google after having the same problem on iOS 10 and my 6s. I tried all the suggestions to recalibrate by toggling location services, rebooting, etc, and nothing ...

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