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Professional developer since 2001.

Take ownership of projects, problems and solutions.

Build great tooling. hero, ninja.

is the scripting language of my choice – I avoid using scripting languages.

is my preferred language.

Can lead, want to code.

I do the full stack:

  • Application / Service / Microservice design
  • Front- and backend development
  • DB schema design – PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • Observability – Metrics, logging, tracing
  • Server administration / management & virtualization
  • Containers – for development, testing, CI and prod
  • Infrastructure as code – Terraform, CloudFormation
  • Automation
  • CI/CD – DotCI, Jenkins pipeline

As important as code is documentation: My code ships with Owner’s and/or User’s manual.

Plenty of experience working in widely distributed teams. Working remotely since 2013.

Familiar with many collaboration tools such as GitHub, Slack, HipChat, Zoom, Fuze, Jira, Asana, Trello, Confluence, MediaWiki…

Not ashamed to admit: I’m using Stack Overflow a lot – but I also give back: #2 contributor for . 35k reputation, in list of top 5% answerers for , , , ,…

Enjoy to contribute to open source. Maintainer of Ansible Silo.

Technologies I want to work with: , , , , , , ,

Things I don’t want to go back to: Ruby, Java, PHP, .NET

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