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Throughout my technical career, I have established myself as an IT leader with a passion for programming, design, and development and the skills necessary to produce immediate results as a valuable member of any team. Over my more than nine years in progressively responsible roles, I have made it my priority to utilize current technologies and new techniques to develop elegant, creative technical solutions across all project phases. Comfortable in collaborative and independently-driven roles, I am a forward-thinking leader with refined analytical and critical thinking skills, and I can adapt and revise my strategies to meet the ever-evolving needs of any team I am leading.

By using these skills I have been able to achieve significant long- and short-term goals for each of the companies I partner with. I have directed teams of front / backend development through varying stages of project processes. In this collaboration, I successfully communicate across time zones and experience backgrounds to unite teams. In other roles, I have also been contracted to various government organizations and achieved successes such as lowered staff work hours and integrated APIs for government usage. My experience has also led me to manage increased architecture handling rates and allow the maximum user capacity to grow from a few hundred users to nearly 1M.

In each of my roles, I have demonstrated my capabilities as a dynamic leadership expert with a penchant for spearheading team success through improved training and mentoring experiences. A large part of my job is uncovering technical solutions, and I achieve this through my effective team leadership. I have the capabilities to motivate organizational progress, and I would be thrilled to bring these skills to your company as well. I welcome our connection!

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