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Getting Bluetooth to Work After Moving Boot Camp Partition to New Mac
6 votes

Apparently the problem is that the "Apple Broadcom Built-in Bluetooth" driver is not the right one for the new hardware. Here's what I did to fix it: Open Device Manager, open the Bluetooth Radios ...

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Are OS X shutdown cause and sleep cause numbers listed/explained anywhere?
3 votes

I filed a bug report with Apple about the cryptic numbers, and eventually got this response: Engineering has determined that this issue behaves as intended based on the following information: ...

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AppleScript or Automator Workflow for Bulk-Converting Powerpoint Presentations to Keynote
Accepted answer
2 votes

I couldn't figure out how to get Automator to do it, but I was able to beat AppleScript into submission. Just save the following as an Application in the AppleScript Editor, then drag the files you ...

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Should I use MaxiVista or Air Display for a Windows 7 monitor extender?
Accepted answer
1 votes

I've used both. Air Display is better at updating the iPad display quickly and smoothly. Air Display also has some additional features, like being able to use the touchscreen as a mouse, and it can ...

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