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Also covers finding iPads, iPods as well as iPhones using iCloud
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For questions about YouTube on Apple devices, such as OSX, iOS, and Apple TV.
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the identification of an object's real world location
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to ask questions concerning using cellular data on iPhone and iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular model only)
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defaults(1) is a macOS console application used to manage user preferences stored in property list files.
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An Apple application that allows users to create custom automations that use multiple steps across a wide variety of Apple and 3rd-party apps.
Certain MacBook Pro models, starting in 2016, contain a Retina multi-touch display in place of the standard physical function keys. This tag is for questions about both the hardware and customization …
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when asking questions concerning admin user on macOS
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Used when executing commands as another user.
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OS X Services allow sharing data and capabilities across applications. They are invoked by the user either through the active application menu's "Services" submenu or via keyboard shortcuts, typically…
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Photo Stream is part of Apple's iCloud service and can sync all the photos you take on your iPhone and iPad. You can then access them on any other iOS device or from any Mac.
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Apple Disk iMaGe file format
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refers to formatting, or erasing a disk, deleting all data on the disk
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Android is Google's mobile operating system.
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Questions about importing/creating and using x509 certificates for SSL, iOS & macOS development. Questions about accessing and using certificates programmatically are off topic.
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Brand name cloud-based file storage system with live syncing to a web app, desktop apps, and mobile apps. Not to be confused with the native folder on macOS which people can "drop" files into.
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for questions relating solely to Safari installed on iOS devices. Questions regarding the desktop version of Safari should use the relevant tag: [safari] for macOS and [safari-window…
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Transfering files between locations on the same computer, or between separate computers
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Entertainment software that is designed to be fun, rather than productive or useful.
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the use of a device with Internet access to act as an access point for other devices
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A software program that provides tools for writing computer programming code, as opposed to the word processor, which is designed to facilitate writing prose and displaying typography.
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Apple's bluetooth stereo headphones and remote control for iPhone and other devices
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A device used to control another electronic device wirelessly.
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A device (either hardware or another computer) that acts as an in-between interface between a computer and a network.
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Refers to unlocking iPhones. Unlocking an iPhone that has been locked to a specific carrier (such as Verizon or AT&T), allows you to use it on other compatible networks.
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a pre-installed list of words makes up the dictionary service. These are typically localized and users can add words and override the iOS and macOS dictionaries.
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a social network launched in 2004
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Apple's digital media store. The store currently sells Music, Movies, TV Shows, Applications (Mac and iOS), iBooks, and more.
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symbolic link, a type of file that is a reference to another file or folder
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Recommendations can easily be subjective and local to one person or time. Please be specific about function and broad about timeframe so that your question, once answered objectively, is of use to the…
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The built in text editor with Mac OS X. It started on NEXTSTEP, and was then included as a replacement to SimpleText when Mac OS X shipped. The project is also open source.
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The built-in macOS application for viewing log files generated by the system and by individual applications.
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Subscriber Identity Module: a chip card or electronic analog that maps a cellular service account to a specific hardware device.
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New Technology File System, a data format for storage devices under Microsoft Windows
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