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A calendar is visual representation of time, often charted by months, weeks, or days. Often, a calendar app will help one organize events on a calendar, and sometimes provide alerts or reminders as we…
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The system used to format and organize files on a disk. This includes directory structure, permissions management, metadata, and more. The current default file system for macOS is APFS (High Sierra an…
High speed multifunction port (interface) designed by Intel and first manufactured on a shipping product by Apple. Thunderbolt was developed under the name Light Peak and combines PCI Express with Dis…
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Questions about Spotlight, a system-wide desktop search feature of Apple's OS X and iOS operating system.
An instance when a particular application or your entire Mac or iOS device refuses to respond and/or function properly. Usually causes the app to "quit" or the interface to "freeze".
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The special transparent bar (usually at the bottom) of a macOS desktop which houses applications, stacks, and the trashcan or on the home screen of iOS devices that provide easy access to commonly us…
The password management system in macOS
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Apple's small form factor desktop computer. It first debuted on January 22, 2005.
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Concerning hardware issue with recharging a battery
Information stored on a computer about various methods to contact a person, such as e-mail, various chat networks, telephone, physical address, etc.
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The reverse procedure of backup, to restore is to put information from a backup back onto the computer system. Avoid using for export / import or other definitions of the term, please.
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A network protocol that allows data to be exchanged using a secure channel between two networked devices
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An OS X feature that hides a Recovery HD on Macs to facilitate maintenance, recovery and reinstallation if the OS becomes corrupt. Topic of recovery-mode-ios, data-recovery or file-recovery are unrela…
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Use the "Wi-Fi" or network tag unless your question is truly about airport hardware or the airport utility.
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The (usually) LCD display integrated into portable computing products, or external monitor/television connection to same.
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Apple TV is small device that connects to a TV using HDMI and is capable of streaming content from iTunes, Netflix, and many other sources, and which supports third-party apps as of the release of the…
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A collection of commands that may be from a CLI Shell, or programming language such as AppleScript, which are executed in order with limited iteration, usually as a way of automating actions or events…
A system for starting, stopping, and managing automated processes.
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includes any question relating to managing storage or storage space
A touch-sensitive device for controlling a pointer on a computer's screen. It is similar to a mouse, but translates the motion of a user's finger to a relative position on a screen.
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Apple's top-of-the-line, touchscreen iOS based music player.
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Jailbreaking an iOS device is the process of taking away the restrictions Apple places on their devices giving the user root access, access to the raw file-system, and the ability to run software not …
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The electricity drained by a device
HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is a widely used interface for transmitting audio and video signals between devices and displays.
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Gmail is an online web service offered by Google. These posts relate to viewing and/or syncing the online service's content to be viewed locally.
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Apple Numbers is an application for creating spreadsheets and graphs. Use this tag for all versions of this app, web based, iPad and iPhone as well as macOS
User accounts facilitate different agents and settings on a computer. User accounts have a login name and a password, along with a home directory on the filesystem.
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A VPN is a Virtual Private Network, an encrypted connection from one computer (e.g. a home one) to another network (e.g. a work one). It can also be between two networks.
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the process of converting information using an algorithm (or cipher) to render the information unreadable to anyone who doesn't have the algorithm (also known as a key)
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FileVault is a macOS feature allowing full-disk encryption using XTS-AES-128 with a 256-bit key. Older implementations encrypted the user folder only.
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and also list the exact version in questions (especially during beta season), but this tag for macOS 12 may be helpful in questions that aren’t abou…
A computing concept whereby physical storage devices, or certain datafiles such as disk images are made available to the user so there contents can be accessed.
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The Apple Watch is a watch-like accessory for the iPhone 5 and beyond
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Apple Pages is an application for creating documents. Use this tag for all versions of this app, web based, iPad and iPhone as well as macOS
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A font (more accurately a typeface) is the graphic representation of characters and the software that manages or configures writing systems.
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"Folder" is the colloquial term for "directory" or "subdirectory", an abstraction of the file system hierarchical divisions used to organize files, documents, applicatons and pieces of programming cod…
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