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Recommendations can easily be subjective and local to one person or time. Please be specific about function and broad about timeframe so that your question, once answered objectively, is of use to the…
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The Unix shell formerly used by Terminal in macOS until 10.15
The act of putting software onto a computer so it can run
one of the original iPhone (now iOS) apps shipped with the iPhone. It is included in macOS since OS X Mountain Lion. This tag also should be used for all iMessage questions.
Solid State Disk, a generic term for computer storage devices that have no moving parts and do not involve a "hard disk". A hard disk, in contrast, is a device incorporating a spinning platter or plat…
Matters involving physical computer components, circuitry and parts, as opposed to matters of software or computer programming
Concerning devices that store electrical power which can be used to run various devices in the absence of external power.
a digital application distribution platform for iOS devices, developed and maintained by Apple.
An application developed by Apple for macOS that implements the creation of workflows.
Apple's user identification system intended to be a single sign on for users of Apple services, hardware and software.
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WARNING: Almost all questions about development or app distribution are off topic here. See the FAQs for details. Xcode is Apple's official software development environment for Mac OS X and iOS
a proprietary open wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances (using short wavelength radio transmissions) from fixed and mobile devices, creating personal area…
A code, key, or string of text required to gain access to a particular service or resource.
A suite business software designed by Microsoft: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook (or Entourage) are the main programs available on OS X. For Outlook 2015, use the office-365 tag.
Putting a device into a low-power mode where only RAM is powered to conserve power at the expense of time to resume operation
series of still images played back at high speed to give the appearance of something moving.
the seventh major release of the Mac OS X
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The process of getting the same data on different devices and copying changes from the device you make the change on onto all the others
Google's web browser, for viewing web pages on the internet. Based on the WebKit rendering engine, currently available for Intel Macs.
System for installing command-line Unix applications and tools on OS X. Free and open-source.
a digital distribution platform for OS X applications developed by Apple.
Installing a newer version of software, or getting a newer or improved piece of hardware.
An application developed by Apple to automatically install the latest version of Apple software on Apple computers.
Memory normally refers to RAM. Temporary, high-speed storage used to keep frequently accessed information available for use and helps keep the computer running smoothly
An indicator of a possible change/update/alert that may be presented in a number of ways, including a banner, popup dialog, or badge on an app icon.
A storage device attached to a computer, but not enclosed within the computer's casing
Allowing and restricting which users can perform what operations of particular files
Documents in the Portable Document Format, created by Adobe Systems, and readable with Adobe Reader, Apple Preview, and other software programs
both the underlying code and architecture that makes up Mac OS X / iOS as well as a way of interacting with a Mac using the terminal app, X11 app, and various shells like `bash` or `zsh`. Whet…
For questions relating to music in general. Music can be played on a Mac using itunes, or on an iOS device using music.app.
a program included with every version of macOS that permits displaying and limited editing of common 2D and 3D files using Apple's Core Image and Quartz frameworks.
a rodent-shaped device used to move a pointer on the screen
An instance when a particular application or your entire Mac or iOS device refuses to respond and/or function properly. Usually causes the app to "quit" or the interface to "freeze".
visual representation of time, often charted by months, weeks, or days. Often, a calendar app will help one organize events on a calendar, and sometimes provide alerts or reminders as we…
Series of one or several keys that invoke some software/os action when triggered by the user
Information stored on a computer about various methods to contact a person, such as e-mail, various chat networks, telephone, physical address, etc.
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