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What does the 2 temperatures mean in the Weather app?

That's the day's forcasted high and low temperature
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What does the cloud icon with lines underneath mean?

It means fog, a list of the icons can be found at About the Weather app and icons on your iPhone and iPod touch. https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207492
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Changing wind speed in weather app to kmph

The wind speed unit is determined by your region settings. Depending on your original region you have to change from your region to a similar region using km/h instead of mi/h. Example: changing the ...
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Weather without location services, using just one fixed location

Hold on your finger on weather app widget, then choose edit widget and change the location from “my location” to the specific location you want that’s on your list. make sure you have added the ...
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Get Weather Reports from the Command Line

Yes it's possible to call into the weatherkit framework. The key method in question is currentDailyForecastForCoordinate. You can see a full example of how to use this in practice (as well as other ...
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Can the iOS 15 weather app change to have the old compact look(GUI)?

No, Apple doesn't offer a way to customize the Weather app (except for choosing a city to display). I'm extremely disappointed by this because there's some info that people in California, who coded ...
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What is the source of air pollution data in the Weather app?

When I press the "The Weather Channel" logo a the bottom it takes me to a weather.com page that lists the air quality: Then pressing on the "See Details" link shows the details about the air quality:
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How to show weather forecast in European format in iOS?

You may be wrong saying It means (it took me a while to figure out) that the max temperature on Friday will be 27 and the lowest on Saturday 9 The weather app show you a forecast of 24h on your ...
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What does the 2 temperatures mean in the Weather app?

Yep, predicted high and low. This is also true of the pairs of numbers at the end of each row. They are also temperatures in your settings' selected temperature scale.
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iOS weather widget that displays two locations

You're asking about a single iOS app that shows the weather on the lock screen for two locations simultaneously? I don't have an answer for this exact scenario, but the built-in iOS weather app for ...
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Apple watch always displays the wrong high temperature

I've found that this happens because of the delay introduced by the network and retrieving the temperature for your location. Many things have to happen to show you the temperatures. I see this same ...
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