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Turns out there is Cloudflare Warp set up on a different user account but was made applicable on all the user accounts. I wasn't able to see that until I logged in to the other account suspecting something like this.


This is almost always not an IP address assigned to any computer since typically, your device will connect to a router that runs NAT. Nothing about your setup seems to involve VPN - just run of the mill networking behind NAT gateways. You can confirm this from the command line with scutil bmike@m1 /Users % scutil > show State:/Network/Global/IPv4 <...


While it will depend on the actual use case, the general answer is that Private Relay is not a true substitute for VPN. While similar in idea, the specific cases where Private Relay and VPN differ are: Private Relay only works on Safari: In a typical Apple fashion, you do not get the benefits of Private Relay if you use anything other than Safari. I ...

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