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Safari is getting a download manager in iOS 13 which is due to release sometime later this fall. iOS 13 Hands-on: Safari Finally Gets a Download Manager New Safari Download Manager feature in iOS 13 will make you more productive


I don't know what iOS version you're using. I tested on iOS 12 and Win7 with iTunes installed. Just plug the iPhone with a normal USB type-a to lightning cable, then type the password to trust the computer on my phone. The iPhone appears as a portable device in My Computer and a similar path Internal Storage - DCIM - 100APPLE I can find the videos. Simply ...


To find the program that is using this service, I have used the Energy tab of the Activity Monitor. Identify the highest energy-consuming app. Much simpler than spindumping as suggested in lowrin's answer


You can control the playback speed of an audio / video file in your browser by creating a bookmark with the javascript code found here: javascript: var v = document.querySelector('video'); var t = prompt('Set the playback rate'); v.playbackRate = parseFloat(t) I have done this with Safari Version 12.1.1 (...

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