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How to separate "mouse" and "trackpad" settings?

I made a free application to solve this issue in recent versions of macOS (10.15+). It also allows you to disable scroll/mouse acceleration and configure the number of lines to scroll per mouse wheel ...
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How to increase "tracking speed" beyond the maximum?

For those who come here searching for mouse speed up (as me), change the command/property mentioned on the answer of @user495470 to So: defaults write -g
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Do iPhones have a built-in mouse or trackpad and how do I use it?

iOS 13 and later As of iOS 13 and above the process for using this feature has changed. The steps are largely the same as for iOS 12 and earlier (see below), but instead of pressing hard on any of the ...
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MacBook Pro 15" Retina Mid 2015 Trackpad Not Clicking

I went in to the Genius Bar and got an answer, so here it is! Note that this may not work for everyone, but it did work for me. The first thing the tech did was have me save everything and power off ...
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How to separate "mouse" and "trackpad" settings?

Based on Tien's answer, I tried to find some Logitech software that could help me. I have a Anywhere MX 2 mouse and the Logitech Options software really "fix" this problem for me! It can be ...
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36 votes

How to select text with touchpad without pressing the "hard" key?

The settings location where the three finger "drag" is enabled has changed over time. From OS X 10.11 "El Capitan" to macOS 10.14 "Mojave": Go to System Preferences > ...
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El Capitan : How to disable Force Click "Dictionary Pop-ups" in Chrome?

Switch 'Look up & Data Detectors' to 3-finger tap. You can then re-enable it. This avoids disabling force touch entirely.
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27 votes

Why is the Force Touch "taptic" TrackPad not clicking/selecting on 2015 MacBook Pro?

My trackpad (MBP Early 2015) was working, but there was no haptic feedback, or any indication that force touch was working. Other functions (trackpad, single tap, scrolling, etc.) were working. Here's ...
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How do I turn on 3-finger drag on trackpad (Sierra)?

I think this is what your after… Navigate to System Preferences > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad > Trackpad Options. Check the Enable dragging checkbox. Select 'Three finger drag' from the ...
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How to select text with touchpad without pressing the "hard" key?

Had this issue with new Macbook Air (latest one late 2015) and old trackpad that suddenly required a hard click and drag, simultaneously, to copy large amounts. Found that above directions with modest ...
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El Capitan : How to disable Force Click "Dictionary Pop-ups" in Chrome?

You have to also uncheck "Force Click and haptic feedback" at the bottom of the Trackpad Point & Click settings.
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MacBook Pro 2016 Left Click lag in games?

I found the solution after a long time searching.... As it turns out, a third party app called "Magnet" was causing the delay. Many other games have had similar issues due to this app running in the ...
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How to fix stuck/'disabled' zooming on trackpad?

All you need to do is go to system preferences > trackpad > scroll and zoom > uncheck Zoom in or out and then check it again.
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Enable keyboard shortcut to look up word in dictionary

command ⌘control ⌃D is the built-in shortcut for this, performing a Look Up on the current mouse position, as if you'd used Force Touch.
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Natural Scroll Direction: On with trackpad, Off with mouse

Hi just found a great app that totally fixed this and so simple! You can set the scroll direction for each device separately. SCROLL REVERSER
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How to separate "mouse" and "trackpad" settings?

This little app solved my trouble. Works like a charm.
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15 votes

Macbook Pro TrackPad not clicking

Sometimes its just your magic mouse is sitting somewhere, maybe in your bag and triggering a click. Make sure you turn off the bluetooth.
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Horizontal scrolling not working in macOS calendar app

A stupid and so simple solution, which for months (if not years...) I didn't think about, is simply to right click in the calendar app (with the same two fingers you use to scroll). And that's it, ...
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14 votes

When I click on my terminal, strange characters appear

I just had this issue and going to view > Allow (or disallow) mouse reporting will solve it.
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How do I solve the Magic Trackpad 2 lagging on macOS Monterey?

Solution: turn the Magic Trackpad off and on again. It's easy to forget they have a power switch: on the back edge where the power cable plugs in, there is a small sliding switch. I turned it off, ...
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How to separate "mouse" and "trackpad" settings?

If you have BetterTouchTool (which is worth getting for its own sake), this can be handled with a single checkbox. It's the checkbox for "Inverse scrolling for normal mice only (use system ...
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How to disable accidental trackpad input in Yosemite?

I changed "Click" to "Firm" in the menu. System Peferences > Trackpad > Point & Click It seems to have helped.
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When apple replaces the battery in a 15" MBP retina, do they replace the entire top portion of the case?

It appears to be the case that Apple will replace the top case assembly if you want to replace your battery. As first reported by Treehugger, which received a copy of an Apple internal service ...
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How to separate "mouse" and "trackpad" settings?

As Tien posted, Logitech now has an app with the option to separate trackpad and mouse scroll directions, but this only works with a unifying receiver or Bluetooth. I have a wonderful Logitech VX Nano ...
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Macbook Pro left (primary) click not working

It was my Magic Mouse. I turned it off and the problem was resolved. I had my mouse in a box with some other things that must have accidentally shifted and was pressing on the button. Once I found it ...
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10 votes

How to fix stuck/'disabled' zooming on trackpad?

Do you have Magnet installed? That caused the same issue for me.
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Why does my Magic Trackpad 2 randomly disconnect and stop clicking?

Well, I had the same problems on My Macbook Pro 2018 with randomly disconnecting magic touchpad and keyboard. I found a resolution here:
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9 votes

How can I set a different scrolling direction for mouse and trackpad in Lion?

Posting this as a separate answer based on a recommendation. As of version 1.9.3 BetterTouchTool now supports inversing the scroll direction only for normal mice. It works with Sierra. ...
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