I had the same problem when I started to use macOS. I installed this little utility, which lets you reverse the scrolling behavior only for the mouse: Scroll Reverser for macOS


One of the most common causes of this is a magic mouse turned on in your laptop bag or somewhere similar. Turning off bluetooth will ensure no remote button is being held down.


It appears that this is integrated in the Karabiner app so it works out of the box without any custom XML (which are described above). You'll need the following settings: Karabiner Preferences > Change Key > Karabiner core settings > Exclude devices > Don't remap Apple's pointing devices Karabiner Preferences > Change Key > Pointing Device > Reverse ...


This video recommends resetting the SMC: Turn off your computer. Plug in the MagSafe adapter. Press Shift-Option-Control, on the left side of the keyboard, and the power button, at the same time and hold it for 5 seconds. Let go of all the buttons. Turn your computer back on with the power button. For more information on the SMC reset see this Apple ...


iOS 13 and later As of iOS 13 and above the process for using this feature has changed. The steps are largely the same as for iOS 12 and earlier (see below), but instead of pressing hard on any of the keys on your keyboard, you need to press on the space bar and not let go to see and use the trackpad. The other change is that this feature is now ...


You can use your thumb to click on the lower part of the track and the index finger to move. As long as you keep the trackpad pressed with the thumb you can release the index finger.


I found some workaround that will at least spare you a reboot when problem arrives. It may be found here: https://discussions.apple.com/message/23705326#23705326 Shortly, type in terminal: sudo kextunload -b com.apple.iokit.BroadcomBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport sudo kextload -b com.apple.iokit.BroadcomBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport After doing ...


I went in to the Genius Bar and got an answer, so here it is! Note that this may not work for everyone, but it did work for me. The first thing the tech did was have me save everything and power off the computer. Wait until the screen is completely off and everything is powered down. Plug in your MacBook. Press the following keys in the bottom left of ...


Click and Drag Press the physical button, then drag. While the button is depressed, you can reposition your "dragging" finger without letting go of what you're dragging. One-Finger Tap & Drag With Dragging enabled, tap the trackpad twice and start dragging on the second tap (instead of lifting your finger from the trackpad). There is a short delay ...


This was driving me crazy, too. It just started happening yesterday, but was dangerous as the cursor kept selecting everything--making selection rectangles especially on the desktop, opening programs I didn't want to open on the dock, and generally jumping around like a drunk rabbit. Searched forums, read about others saying this happened to them after ...


This sometimes happens to me, where the 3-finger macro stops working. Seems like OSX just bugs out. My hotfix right now is to open the command line and run killall Dock. Seems to work fine for resetting it and getting it working again.


In System Preferences under Trackpad then Point & Click, uncheck Look up.


I think this is what your after… Navigate to System Preferences > Accessibility > Mouse & Trackpad > Trackpad Options. Check the Enable dragging checkbox. Select 'Three finger drag' from the dropdown.


I found myself in the exact same boat (preferring Natural for TrackPad and normal for Mouse), and in case anyone attempts to do the same, I did file a bug report against Apple for this. They closed it rather briefly with the words "This is intentional" and no other explanation. I'm guessing that it's a common request, and they're just tired of hearing it.


Enabling the three finger "drag" is a bit different on El-Capitan and above: Go to System Preferences > Accessibility Choose Mouse & Trackpad from the left options list Click Trackpad Options Tick "enable dragging" and select “three finger drag” from the drop-down menu next to it


Scrollreverser (free app) actually supports configuring the scrolling direction for each kind of device separately.


Turn off pinch to zoom in preferences, then turn on again. This has worked for me before. If that doesn't work then doing a reboot will usually fix any and all trackpad issues. Problems after a reboot? Check out the above slightely more extreme ways around the problem..


My trackpad (MBP Early 2015) was working, but there was no haptic feedback, or any indication that force touch was working. Other functions (trackpad, single tap, scrolling, etc.) were working. Here's what my settings looked like: For me, it was fixed somehow by an SMC reset with the charger disconnected, while powered on. Basically, I pressed Control + ...


Here is the answer to your question: Go to System Preferences Select Accessibility Select Mouse & Trackpad Select Trackpad Options Select Enable dragging withoug Drag Lock


You can also use Karabiner: <?xml version="1.0"?> <root> <devicevendordef> <vendorname>SOMEVENDOR</vendorname> <vendorid>0x1234</vendorid> </devicevendordef> <deviceproductdef> <productname>SOMEPRODUCT</productname> <productid>0x0001</productid> </...


I had the same exact problem. Drove me crazy trying to figure it out. Simple Solution. Open System Preferences, Trackpad Under the Point & Click tab make sure that the Look up & data detectors is set to Force click with one finger. Some how, mine got changed to tap with three fingers. I know I didn't change it and I'm the only one that has ...


Ok I can confirm that the keyboard and trackpad are stuck after sleep when I let VMWare Fusion running... If you have something similar that's running in background it could be the problem. To resolve it at the moment I pause all Virtual Machines and everything goes alright now. This is probably related to kernel modules installed by VMWare but I can't ...


Yes! Orbit - Cmd+Ctrl and click/drag Pan - Cmd+Ctrl+Shift and click/drag Zoom - Two-finger scroll up/down (no click necessary)


This little app solved my trouble. Works like a charm. https://pilotmoon.com/scrollreverser/


There have been several significant updates to Mavericks, so the first step would be to run software update and get the OS and any firmware updates installed. Next, you can troubleshoot the issue as follows: System log Look at the error messages relative to the blued daemon: grep blued /var/log/system.log (this is a command to type within Terminal). ...


Sometimes its just your magic mouse is sitting somewhere, maybe in your bag and triggering a click. Make sure you turn off the bluetooth.


The graphics are telling you to turn on the Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad associated with the MacBook. Have you ever connected one of these devices to it? If you haven't, I have to wonder if the internal keyboard and trackpad are not connected somehow. What year is this MacBook? Is it still under warranty? Unless you can boot to recovery and reinstall OS ...


You have somehow activated the terminal's mouse tracking mode. This is usually used by terminal applications which accept mouse input (like vim), which can interpret these character sequences as mouse events. The shell does not support mouse input, so it displays these sequences directly. You can turn off mouse tracking mode by running the reset command in ...


Run the following six commands, by pasting them into Terminal.app. You can paste all six lines all at once. (the last two lines aren't required on older versions of OS X, but there's no harm including them) Remember to press the return key: defaults write com.apple.driver.AppleBluetoothMultitouch.trackpad TrackpadCornerSecondaryClick -int 2 defaults write ...


For those who come here searching for mouse speed up (as me), change the command/property mentioned on the answer of @user495470 to com.apple.mouse.scaling. So: defaults write -g com.apple.mouse.scaling -float 5.0 is what you're looking for. Here is @Kodos Johnson :)

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