Certain MacBook Pro models, starting in 2016, contain a Retina multi-touch display in place of the standard physical function keys. This tag is for questions about both the hardware and customization of what's displayed on it.

This Multi-Touch Retina display at the top of the new MacBook Pro keyboard changes depending on what the user does in your app, so you can surface context-specific features and controls.

For example:

  • In Mail, the Touch Bar will display buttons to create a new message, replying, or moving an email to the trash.
  • In Safari, you can preview tabs and switch through them using the Touch Bar, open a new tab, or go to one of your favorited sites without having to use the trackpad.
  • You can swipe through your images in Photos with previews, scrub through videos, and make edits like rotating photos, cropping, and adding filters.