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To the above answers, I can't use a USB-C to HDMI active adapter as Macbook pro provides only two USB-C ports. I don't know how a company like Apple comes up with a crappy design like this. I use 2x of this adapter: 1 HDMI works perfectly. 1 HDMI needs a ...


High temperature in a part of the chassis from charging together with peripherals plugged in can cause this issue, at least on a 2017 MBP. Simply moving the charging cable from the left to the right ports can be enough to cool the hotspot and resolve the problem. On a machine with MagSafe charging try unplugging peripherals from the left ports until the ...


I followed your steps one by one. When i'm at #5 i get the Message that the directory /System/Library/Extensions/<name>.kext: Read-Only file system Is there any possibility, that i use root to mv the Drivers? Right now i cant move the .kext Files.


Is there any danger in hot-plugging and un-plugging an external (Apple) Thunderbolt monitor (from USB-C)? It is absolutely normal to hot-plug/unplug an external display connected over Thunderbolt or USB-C port of your Mac. It is not required to shutdown your Mac just to plug/unplug an external display.


Unless the plugged device shows me the eject button in front of its icon, I don't wait until the system gets shut down to remove the external device that I plugged in. Please check if there is a manual to the monitor that have for additional details related to power supply.


The best way to do this is to move away those kernel extensions completely. This means that they're never loaded during boot - and thus you do not have a "gap" where the computer is vulnerable during the time between boot and the time where you run the kextunload commands. In addition you do not have to deal with dependencies for unloading them. The ...


Moving the entire user domain, instead of just the folders for Videos and Photos may be overkill, though it would keep things simple. You're not going to see any advantage from moving preferences, audio files, Word docs, etc, as they are too small and not causing any bottleneck. There's no disadvantage either, except that if the Mac boots up and can't find ...


Do it! I got a 2018 Mac Mini as a gift but only a 256GB drive. My user profile is almost that size. So I got a 1TB SSD and a nice USB-C/Thunderbolt case and copied the profile over there. Works a treat for me. Once you have copied her profile to the external drive go into System Preferences > Users and Groups and Control Click on her user name and select ...


Thunderbolt 2 is an active connector so even though USB is able to be embedded in the data lines, you would need a full thunderbolt chip to establish that link. Kanex makes amazingly reliable and fairly priced hardware in my experience: - Also, look for used or fire sale full docks, ...

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