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The variable IFS is used by various commands. The safest thing to do is save the value, then restore when finished. Below is an example. declare "IFS_BACKUP=$IFS" IFS=$' \t\n' read -p "Enter your command: " cmd arg1 arg2 IFS="$IFS_BACKUP" echo "$cmd" echo "$arg1" echo "$arg2" The documentation command man bash defines IFS as follows: IFS The ...


I just had this happen to me, and it's a bug. To fix it, I deleted /Library/Preferences/ and after a reboot, the keyboard assistent popped up. I pressed the key like it says and selected ISO (European) and everything is back to normal. The problem with fixing this with Ukulele is that it will swap the keys the other way around ...


I have no problem typing ellipsis using Pages 8. I have Smart Quotes enabled in Edit > Substitutions and just switch the text direction using the arrows or the Format > Text menu item depending on which language I am typing.


For creating an RTL document: open Pages Create New Document in the Chooser, select in the lower left corner "Language" Arabic (Egypt or the region you prefer) be sure to have the appropriate InputSource (Keyboard) selected Start typing. For writing Right-To-Left within an existing document/changing the document to RTL: File > Advanced > Language & ...

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