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In my case it was the plugin qlcolorcode that was failing, thus prevent the preview to work. You can if you have the same problem with the following command: qlmanage -d4 -p '/path/of/your/file.txt' You may see the culprit: ... [DEBUG] Thumbnailing file:///path/of/your/.txt - type: public.plain-text - generator: <QLGenerator /Users/gomino/Library/...


It's all about syntax sometimes :-) git config --global core.editor 'xed -w' Not sure whether you really want to wait for Xcode to launch each time you git commit something. Maybe vi or nano are the better options here.


I would never want to do what you want, I think it's a horrible idea, but I tried to, and I succeeded! What did I do? Easy: Open Xcode and remove the splash window from the boot (in case it could create some mayhem). Find Xcode: well, it's hard to explain how, but I found it at /Applications/ Repeat your mistake: $ git ...

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