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Any Application can be set to one of three options by right clicking it in the Dock All Desktops - will follow you to all Spaces as you describe This Desktop - will permanently fix the App to that Space None - will stay on whichever Space it is launched These only work as expected if you don't try to open multiple documents in multiple Spaces & if ...


Apple doesn’t design finder and expose to do this. It’s a design decision, so they might add a switch if enough people convince them it’s worth coding, but in the mean time, programmers have utilities to help. Front and Center app on the Mac App Store Here’s a very in-depth write up of how this used to be the default and now is not, if you’re into the ...


I use 2 external monitors on my MacBook Pro. The dock jumping around drove me crazy.It is by far my biggest MacOS gripe. I tried the auto-hiding dock but didn’t like it either. So today I installed a 3rd party app ubar 4. It seems to work well and so far I’m very pleased. The status bar stays where it supposed to. It is very customizable and I am tuning it ...


HyperSwitch is still in Beta, but I've been using it, and it is stable most of the time (sometimes I need to restart the Mac for it to work again, but it is not common). Look for it. Really ill-designed, poor behaviour.


In case you have a trackpad: Make sure you have the App Exposé setting switched on in your trackpad settings. Follow the animated example. Hover a dock icon of a particular app to show its windows, or simply hover a window of an app to set it for the Exposé gesture. In case you don't have a trackpad: Still, you may click on a dock icon and click "Show ...


I have found a very functional utility called CornerClick that allows for a variety of usages for each HotCorner (including minimize current app in focus). This handy little gem of an app allows for a little more functionality than the default features of HOtCorners offered in OSX.

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