The 'Notes' app should work fine in a stand-alone mode. Its included with your iPhone. And I think the iPhone Calendar should not have any requirements either but I assume you've tried it.


youtube-dl is great but if you want a GUI way to download video from YouTube and almost anywhere else, I highly recommend Downie. It works great, it's constantly being improved, it's developed by a named, reputable developer (unlike some tools out there which seem a little "fly-by-night"), and it has some nice Mac-specific features. There is a free trial ...


I found Unshaky on GitHub (https://github.com/aahung/Unshaky) I've been testing it for about day and so far it has been working fabulously! During a full workday I experienced a double-keystroke only once. Please note that you have to set it up: I put 40ms delay for each key: I also made an exception for the Tab and Delete keys which I regularly hit ...

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