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There are not many options on Mac for this purpose. I think AnyToISO is good freemium choice. Its freemium version supports up to 870 MB.


There is a very similar problem here, and a solution. SSD in a MacBook Pro (mid 2012, 13"), Finder symbol with question mark. You need a new internal SATA disk connector cable to work with the new SSD. I have encountered the same problem with my MBP mid-2012 and a new Samsung 860 EVO SSA.


My macbook Pro was almost unusable because of kernel_task high CPU for weeks At the same time the battery get inflated so i finally decided to go on Apple Center in Rome to replace it... even if out of warranty Apple have replaced my battery (and keyboard as well) for 0€ cost. Even better ... kernel_task problem suddenly disappears !!! so i'm pretty sure ...

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