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Keyboard shortcut for sleep

You can still buy keyboards with a media eject key, so it's clear Apple has decided that you only get a key shortcut to sleep your Mac is you have a physical media eject key different than a Touch ID ...
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Power state changes when working on virtual machine

Using VMWare for testing power state changes, like entering sleep mode and waking up, can be problematic as VMs might not handle these transitions accurately. The pmset relative wake 10; pmset ...
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launchctl and sleep states

From the launchd.plist(5) man page: StartInterval <integer> This optional key causes the job to be started every N seconds. If the system is asleep during the time of the next scheduled ...
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How to disable clamshell mode behaviour? Force machine lock on lid close

There is Clamshell app in AppStore that can run following actions when laptop lid is closed: Sleep Immediate Shut Down Turn Off Displays & Prevent Idle Sleep Keep External Displays On & ...
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Macbook Pro automatically boots with closed lid

Try resetting the NVRAM and Power Management Controller. I had the same problem and this seems like it finally worked for me. I might have confised my OS by ...
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MacOS keeps waking up from sleep every 2 seconds until the battery is drained

This is an "answer" because it is long, not because it solves the problem. On a 2016 MacBook for which I believe sleep settings are similar to 2019 MBP, I used: pmset -g (Battery) System-...
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