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Download NoSleep.dmg or use it if already there. Mount it and click "Uninstall.command". Reopen preferences, it should be gone. Uninstalling using official methods is preferred over simply deleting the app packages. Two old, but still relevant questions: Why there is no standard way to uninstall programs in MacOS? How do I uninstall a program completely ...


The top item in the main settings menu is General > on the next page you want Language, which is item 1 (of 2) in the 4th group. If you ignore the groups, it's item number 14 on mine.


As of iOS 13.1, these URLs are back, and have been exhaustively documented on the MacStories website by Federico Viticci. Please note that the linked page is being actively updated, and contains other useful background and tips such as how to link to the settings for third party apps, so probably a good idea to follow the linke through to that site for the ...


Sounds like a bug. Wife’s phone will check every night when she plugs it in before bed. Started with iOS 13. She’s uses imap account with manual fetch enabled.


What I commented above was almost correct. the popover was very annoying to see when Wi-Fi is on and I am away from known networks. So maybe a notification comes when there's none. So that I can finish what I was doing and then try to connect to something. The excerpt from an article: Off ( This requires you t manually select a network if no known ...

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