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Invisible region on screen is blocking mouse cursor

I had this same problem and it has been driving me crazy. While I still don’t fully understand the cause of the bug I finally found a way to fix it. First a note, I think this problem only happens ...
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What external monitor and size combinations provide best scaling on macOS?

I had to make a similar decision for myself. In summary: after lots of researching and testing, I found an LG 27 inch 4k display to be the best balance from price/performance point of view for now. I ...
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Maximize windows just like Windows on OS X

Hold shift option ⌥ and click the green maximise button on the top left part of the window. NOTE: not every OSX application is eligible for maximize (example: maximizing the Finder doesn't work)...
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Inkscape (or other XQuartz) window disappears when using external screen

It seems like the issue is that when I plug the external screen, it messes with the coordinate system of my Mac's screen, effectively shifting the origin of my screen by the resolution of the external ...
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Put the display to sleep without putting the whole computer to sleep?

In pmset displaysleepnow This also works for the lock and sleep functions: pmset ...
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Slack not recognising Screen Recording permissions

I've had issues with similar settings in Privacy before. I've found that selecting the app then using the minus (-) to remove the app, then the plus (+) to add the app back often fixes it and makes it ...
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What is the definitive iPhone X corner radius?

iPhone X corners do not have a conclusive corner radius. They're not normal arcs, they are ‘continuous corners’. You can't replicate these with a simple .cornerRadius, and you also can't use Apple's ...
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External monitor flicker / signal loss

I've had a support case at Apple for over a year about this issue. They finally answered that it's a software issue and they are looking into it. We have spent a lot of money in our business on ...
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Maximize windows just like Windows on OS X

A workaround without any 3rd-party software: If you double click on any window corner (when the resize pointer appears) while holding the ⌥ (option) key, this will maximize the window. Alternatively, ...
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How do I stop my phone from turning off the display whenever I put my finger over the phone speaker?

In this case, it was just a bug. All you need to do to fix this is to restart your iPhone and it should be fixed. Thanks to Apple support.
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Maximize windows just like Windows on OS X

There is a simple, but annoying standard way: hold alt/opt when clicking the green button on the top bar. It will change into a plus instead of the double arrow, and after clicking your window will be ...
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Maximize windows just like Windows on OS X

If you are still looking for an alternative way, have a look at Spectacle. You can select from the menu or use a keyboard shortcut. There are many resize options but your requirement is "Fullscreen ⌥...
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Slack not recognising Screen Recording permissions

I removed the app store version of Slack and downloaded it from the official Slack website instead, then it's working fine.
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Maximize windows just like Windows on OS X

There's a BetterTouchTool app which does exactly what You need. You can download a trial and check it. There's also Better Snap Tool from the same developer on the MacAppStore which does only window ...
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Make one MacBook Pro use the screen of another MacBook Pro

You can't physically connect the display of another MacBook (or any other laptop for that matter) to use it as an external monitor. However, there is an app called AirDisplay that will turn any ...
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Does the "Larger text" VS "More space" trade-off in Display preference affect the 4K resolution of an external monitor?

First, a history lesson. The very first Apple computers had displays with 72 pixels per inch. This is the same size as 1 point (a unit of 1/72 inches), so 1 point = 1 pixel. Text at 12pt would display ...
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Where to find icon for an iOS app, in order to drag it around on the Home Screen?

Search for the app On the search result screen, press and drag the icon of the app (same way as you would do to move an app on the Homescreen) Icon becomes moveable and can be placed on any screen you ...
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How to get color of pixel in coordinates 123, 456 in screen?

I found a way to do this using only built-in components: do shell script "screencapture -R123,456,1,1 -t bmp $TMPDIR/test.bmp && \ xxd -p -l 3 -s 54 $TMPDIR/test.bmp | \ ...
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Mouse Pointer Locator

With OS X El Capitan and later, all you need to do is move the mouse back and forth quickly, and it will automatically make the mouse bigger. The advantage of this is that you don't need to manually ...
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How to enable horizontal split in full screen mode in El Capitan

I use Spectacle with following keys combinations: alt + cmd + left key # split window and set to left side alt + cmd + right key alt + cmd + up alt + cmd + down alt + cmd + f ...
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iPhone 11 What are the authorized manufacturer/s for iPhone 11's Screen

Apple does not approve any brands for direct to consumer sale of Phone parts. They recommend complete service in an Apple Store or an AASP (Apple Authorized Service Provider Program). Parts alone don’...
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Keyboard shortcut to switch screens on split view

Here is another partial solution. If you split your screen between two windows of the same program, e.g. Safari, then Cmd+` (backtick) will toggle between the two. Caveats and Special Cases: If for ...
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Finder windows just show screen artefacts

I found the solution here: A number of users who have upgraded their precious Macs to Apple’s newest OS, namely OS X ...
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Bookmarking an on-screen position in macOS?

A possible alternative to using a Finder window as a bookmark is using the built-in Stickies app (if you are not using the apps as a fullscreen space). Simply open the Stickies app and make a new ...
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Simulating a non-retina display

Since you're a JavaScript programmer and you need to see your SVGs in a browser there are two potential solutions. First, you can use the chrome dev tools to simulate a non HiDPI (Retina Display) ...
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Can only see half of folder screen?

View → Show Preview ⇧⌘P / Hide Preview ⇧⌘P toggles the pane on the right. You can alternatively… drag the edge of the window right to make the window bigger so you can see more contents without ...
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Do I need to worry about the scratch on my macbook screen?

Personally, I'd wait. If it really is just a surface scratch, then it won't be doing any other damage. It won't get worse over time. Save your money. If it turns out to be damage to the LCD screen ...
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How can I sleep the display from Terminal?

on macOS Sierra sleep display : pmset displaysleepnow wake display : caffeinate -u -t 1 test state : pmset -g powerstate IODisplayWrangler | tail -1 | cut -c29 results <4 are a sleeping display a ...
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Coloured Vertical Lines on Screen

First step: Diagnosing Hardware vs Software Problem See description in sameetandpotatoes's answer above Disclaimer: doing any repair on your own will ...
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External monitor flicker / signal loss

I just had this issue with a 2016 MBP and a Samsung 28" U28E590 Display. Tried a bunch of things, but what seemed to work was switching the monitor to use to HBR1. The setting was in the monitor's ...
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