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The screen sharing service uses TCP port 5900. If indeed you have arranged so that you can connect to it if you only know the IP, that port should appear as open from outside. Now, if you know what dynamic IP address it had before it changed, you can check WHOIS database to see the whole IP range that address belongs in. Chances are good that the new IP ...


On the remote computer, save this following AppleScript code in a new Script Editor.App document (Script Editor.App is located here... /Applications/Utilities/Script as a "Stay Open" application. Before saving this document as an application, make sure you enter your current external IP address and the email address in the first two lines of ...


Ah! Yeah... your options at this point are limited. The ISP might help you as it's their DHCP that assigned the address; they'd be the only ones that would know that. This has happened to me, and as my ISP is comcast, there is no help. In the future :), what you need is "Dynamic DNS"; available free from several sources. I use FreeDNS. It's kind of funky,...


If the person on the other Mac is signed in with their Apple ID, you can simply start a iMessage session, click on the Details button and click on the Screen Sharing icon to start a screen sharing session. You can both ask them to share their screen or invite to share your screen. This approach works seemlessly without needing an explicit IP address. You'...


Probably not, especially if the Mac is behind a router, most of which block incoming connections. In the future, I'd recommend using something like Screens or Jump Desktop which both have companion apps which will work around the various connection issues and allow you to connect remotely without needing to know the IP address.


First item, you get two sessions max. If you are struggling with the first or second session, then the issue could be your VNC software that connects to the mac isn’t following Apple’s conventions to allow the second session to start. Since you didn’t specify versions of software you use on the connecting side, I’ll guess and give general advice. There is ...

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