General usage of any python tool and running scripts and Apple specific questions are on topic here. Detailed languag-specific questions about programming (where it won’t matter if python runs on any os) belong on Stack Overflow.

Python is a programming language. If you have any programming questions about Python, ask them on Stack Overflow, or try one of the 2 chat rooms:

  • Chat at the dedicated IRC channel #python on Freenode for all things Python. Look at Python IRC listing for a specific alternative channel, if interested.

  • Chat about Python with other Stack Overflow users in the Python chat room.

It is included in the standard macOS installation at /usr/bin/python. This page shows how to start.

The installation comes with many libraries that allow interaction with other applications using Apple events, in the same manner as AppleScript or calls to native libraries, standard internet protocols like HTTP, SMTP etc.

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