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Connecting Mac Book Pro 2017 to 2 Projectors via USB C

According to Apple's Technical Specifications 13” 2017 MacBook Pro is able to support 2 external displays. Simultaneously supports full native resolution on the built-in display at millions of ...
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How does Keynote decide which display to appear on?

More recent versions of keynote don't have that preference. Instead: start the presentation. On the presenter notes screen you'll see these icons: Click on the one that's second from the right (...
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Mac Book Pro 2013 connect to projector with resolution bigger then laptop screen

According to everymac.com, your particular MacBook Pro will display 2560x1600 maximum resolution (Thunderbolt) and 1920x1200 via HDMI. If your projector supports 1920x1080, and it being "Full HD" as ...
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How does Keynote decide which display to appear on?

I did a google search finding this thread because I had the same issue as Bill Nace. I didnt find the answer anywhere so I thought I would share how I resolved it after trial and error. Keynote ...
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Can a projector be used as a good quality second screen?

The answer to this question is always going to be heavily based on opinion, so it is not really a good question for this site. However, I think it is for good reasons that projectors are not really ...
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How do I play video through a projector without seeing the player buttons?

Both Quicktime Player & VLC will show the cursor & transport if you move the mouse, but both will respond to a simple Spacebar tap to play/pause without showing the interface. VLC has an ...
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How to use iPad as presenter for MacBook?

It might be easier just to get a presentation remote device and forego the iPad. Exactly what utility does the iPad provide in this situation that an inexpensive device can't?
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Stretching Keynote over multiple monitors

In your preferences, click display, arrangement, uncheck mirroring. That will extend your desktop across the two monitors. I do not believe that you can span your keynote presentation over multiple ...
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Way to maintain same screen ratio on data projector as on Mac laptop

Your projector probably has a maximum native resolution of XGA or 1024x768 (standard iPads have a resolution of 1024x768 points). Some projectors will allow you to send a higher resolution signal and ...
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Problem with external monitor and MacBook Air

Are you connecting using 100Hz for example on a 60 Hz monitor? The monitor will turn black then and appears to be disconnected. There should be an option to cast it as a different Hz to your monitor.
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Projector only displays one color

Macbook doesn't have VGA built in, so normally everyone is using DisplayPort to VGA Adapter, which is actually converting digital signal to analogue. The issue might be with converter itself, but if ...
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Projector black at any resolution when connecting MacBook Pro Retina

Opposite of your thoughts that the problem lies at the Mac end, I'd personally search on the projector first. If the supplied signal is somehow out of range, the projector should beam some feedback ...
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