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How do I filter videos by size to identify the largest in Photos app on OSX?

There's a sweet app called PowerPhotos that accomplishes exactly what you're trying to do and more. It's a paid app but sorting by size and other things can be done in the free trial. Hope this helps ...
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How can I rebuild my library without losing any metadata?

Apple says to quit Photos if it is open. Press Option-Command and double-click Photos. In Repair Library window, click Repair to rebuild your photo library.
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How can I rebuild my library without losing any metadata?

As of May 2024, there still isn't a way to rebuild your Photos library the way I described in the question. HOWEVER, I did at least want to share some information which did help significantly for me. ...
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Photos on Mac uploaded to iCloud with wrong date/time

As clarified in the comments, you are seeing the result of dragging thumbnails (instead of the actual picture) directly from Photos on Mac into iCloud Photos. As your version of Photos/macOS is ...
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