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Alternative activity monitors for OS X?

The htop tool is a pretty clean command-line option. It can be installed using homebrew like this: brew install htop and when that's installed you can run it by simply typing htop in your terminal. ...
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1 vote

Macbook air 2017 is responding very slowly

Reinstalling the OS itself is usually never a solution; but by erasing the disk and reinstalling the OS you have ruled out any third-party software and user settings -- though there are easier ways of ...
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Limit entire system's CPU usage

You can disable some CPU cores. First check available cores with command: sudo cpuctl list which will print for example: CPU0: online type=7,8 master=1 CPU1: online type=7,8 master=0 CPU2: online ...
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MacBook Pro 16 inch thermal throttling even when temperatures are low

I know this is old but this is most likely answered by this post here, where it recommends to plug in Thunderbolt and other accessories, particularly charging, on the right side ports, not the left ...
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