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Is there a way to securely log into a MacBook Pro without typing a password?

My local IT department and I were not able to find a way for me to log in biometrically to an Intel-based MacBook Pro. I communicated with a Yubi sales representative, who confirmed the Yubi Bio ...
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Make iTunes stop prompting me for my username and password

I changed my Apple ID password on my iPhone and then my Mac kept asking me to enter and re-enter my password prompting again and again. I killed iTunes in the Activity Monitor (Force-quit the app) and ...
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Problem with iCloud setting, pop-up warnings won't go away

We used to get this a lot because of one of our security products. Best bet: sign out of your iCloud completely, reboot your machine, and then sign back in.
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How to prevent being locked out of AppleID with stolen iPhone

Is there a mechanism to require the user (i.e. bad actor) to input something other than the 6-digit password (perhaps the current AppleID password) to change the AppleID password? This is what bio-...
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