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How do I hyperlink 'text' within a note in the macOS Notes app?

As per this Apple Support article, Enable Smart Links and then if you type a URL or paste any link & press Return key, it should be clickable. How to enable Smart Links : In the Notes app on your ...
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Possible to access/restore past versions of Notes in iCloud?

Here is one tricky way that worked for me. The local database actually stores the history version. However, the UI might not show all the historical version. So the first step is to check if the ...
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How can I use my Google Account with Apple apps (Mail, Calendar, etc) in OS X 10.10 and older?

Google still offers a workaround for applications that don't use OAuth2, but they don't publicize it. You need to create an "app password", and use that to sign in instead of your normal ...
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