After suggestion from @user3439894, I had tweeted Apple Support and here is their answer: We love feedback. If you don’t see the Apple app you wish to leave feedback for, you can leave feedback by choosing the device you are using here: http://apple.co/Feedback So, following that, I had posted the feedback using one of my devices as a channel, explaining ...


No, there is currently no way to change the background color in Apple Notes.


There’s a new gesture under iOS 13 which allows you to tap with three fingers to bring an edit menu. Double tapping with three fingers is a global undo.


The 'Notes' app should work fine in a stand-alone mode. Its included with your iPhone. And I think the iPhone Calendar should not have any requirements either but I assume you've tried it.


As long as there are notes in Recently Deleted, the folder will be there. There's nothing much you can do about system folders. I tend to ignore them unless required. Or not make a folder at all. This keeps everything simplified(relatively).

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