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Some users who are new to the Mac will find it easier to edit their bash_profile file directly in their favourite text editor rather than via Terminal. Yes, it's slower ... but can be easier for newbies to understand what's going on and diagnose errors. Here are the steps. Open Finder and from the menu at the top select Go | Home. Sort the files in your ...


You need a space after vi and before the . so vi .bash_profile not vi.bash_profile. If you are not in your home folder you can also use vi ~/.bash_profile to specify the location as mentioned in ankiis answer below/above. Again you need a space after the vi. Alternatively, instead of using vi you can add your path to .bash_profileusing echo 'export PATH=/...


Bash profile can be reached at ~/.bash_profile. I don't use vi, but nano ~/.bash_profile works. Hope vi is similar too.

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