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As of May 2019: Even though, current Safari version is far beyond 6 (it is 12, actually). A shortcut that works for me in FireFox 67.0, Safari 11.1.2, Chromium 76.0.3802.0 is: Ctrl+L P.S.: posting just in case somebody will come here looking for "cross-browser" solution (like I did).


I encountered this problem too. I looked it up it is probably some corrupted cache. go to /user/yourusername/library/cache/ and clear the cache.


Just simply format the card in fat32 format and the reformat it to ntfs that will fix the problem it worked for me XD


The accepted answer does not seem to work for APFS volumes. It seems that the only way here is to use fdesetup status. This fantastic blog offers a script which basically uses that command to determine the status. In the article it reads: If encrypted, the following message is displayed: FileVault is On. If not encrypted, the following message ...


To simplify the confusing 1st answer. Select your clock source at the top of the window. This is the audio interface who's wordclock will be used for the other audio interfaces in the created aggregate. Select the Sample Rate, this is the sample rate that all the other audio interfaces will sample at. Drift correction should not be checked on the ...


Here is a one-line† terminal command that will enable macOS's built-in apache server, and allow you to use the Sites directory in your User folder. It is compatible with the latest version of macOS as of this writing (Mojave), and has also been tested to work with Sierra and High Sierra. I suspect it will work with other versions as well—I did my best to ...

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