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Fastest way to do it today (October 21st, 2020) with macOS Catalina, is getting a custom keyboard shortcut to open it "full screen" to the left or right and select the window (this last with the mouse, there's no way to make a shortcut to it that I know, but window is big enough to not take long to select it): System Preferences / Keyboard / ...


There's an app (in the Mac App Store) that lets you name Spaces via the menubar. It's different than naming them in Mission Control (they don't show up there), but the names are persistent and the app lets you set a custom icon in the menubar per Space, for a quick visual reference of what Space you're in. Why not in Mission Control? Because macOS public ...


Since you can't close the windows thru Mission Control you can just use the Finder to close the windows. The Finder windows that are open can be easily closed by clicking on the finder in the dock. That will bring all Finder windows to the front, one after another. Then all you have to do is click on the red dot in the left upper corner of each window.

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