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If logging out (cmd ⌘+shift ⇧+Q) - logging back, doesn't fix this graphical bug, I suggest you to run a complete hardware test: Support Apple: Apple Hardware Test


The easiest way to clear the font cache is to boot into Safe Mode. Restart your Mac while holding down Shift. Once the restart has completed, then restart normally. Alternatively, you can run the following Terminal command, and then Restart: sudo atsutil databases -remove You will need to supply an admin password.


The binoculars icon may be present after ending a screen sharing session using tools like Google Meet or Slack, if those tools do not correctly shut down the screen recording functionality. To eliminate the binoculars icon, just quit Slack and Google Meet. Restarting the computer should also work to make the icon go away. Source:


A Web search for macos app binoculars icon reveals this article: Binoculars Icon On Mac? What Does That Mean? Binoculars Icon On Lock Screen Did you see the binoculars icon on the Mac’s lock (or login screen)? And you were wondering what this icon meant? This icon means that you are currently recording your screen meaning your Mac is ...


Check out iGlance it's open source.


Removing icons from the menu bar for several versions of macOS has the same process. Knowing that, I’ll guess you are referring to this eject icon: This is the Disk Eject Icon. If you hold the ⌘ Command key down while clicking on the icon you should be able to drag it out of the menu bar and it will be gone. If that ain't it add your image to the ...

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