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Continuous chime after RAM upgrade on mid-2011 Mac mini

While this answer is a bit dated (25 months as of this answer), I wanted to close the loop so to speak and provide an authoritative answer for future readers. The continual chiming sound is indicative ...
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XProtect Consistently Eating Tons Of RAM?

Not been able to solve your problem, just sharing some information that might help you. This is on MBA 2017 with Monterey Most noticeable I do not have the XProtectRemediatorSnowBeagle process, but ...
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macOS wastes RAM on Macbook with 64Gb RAM

This really isn't anything to worry about. I'm using an M2 Max 14-inch MacBook Pro with 32GB of memory. I don't spend a lot of time looking at my memory usage, but when I do, I frequently see about ...
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