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I suddenly had the same problem of no dropbox options in right click menu, no possibility to directly attach a file to Mail app. I downloaded and installed my macOS from the App Store. At the end my files and apps were not modified and Dropbox options and Mail app restarted to work properly


I found another way to accomplish this in newer versions of macOS (e.g. Mojave and Catalina) that doesn't require turning on "Reduce Transparency" and therefore losing all of the other transparency effects in macOS. The idea is to make a customized background image that fills your display and has white pixels underneath the exact area that the menu bar ...


This can be done using QuickTime Player X. Quicktime itself seems only able to direct export as .mov and I don't want to re-encode to mp4 all over again. If you only Trim the video, or (repeatedly) Split and then delete one of the ends, you can re-save as .mp4 rather than exporting as .mov. If you do anything more than that, you must export. I posted ...


I actually just got this problem, it was caused by my Desktop being locked for some reason. It may be worth checking whether that is the case. More broadly, you can view your Mac's screenshot logs by launching the Console. The process you're looking for is screencaptureui. For me, with this error, I got a message: error 07:34:49.747167 -0400 ...


THere's nothing actually wrong with your Air's EFI, what you are experiencing are the death-throws of a failing-and-fading-fast SSD module. We tend to be rather blasé about solid-state drives these days, but seven years ago the technology was still maturing, and SSDs were still susceptible to sudden and inexplicable demise. When Jobs decided to start ...


Schedule Do Not Disturb Just to add that you can also schedule Do Not Disturb from the command line to activate/deactivate each day at set times. To set the time when DND will be enabled: defaults -currentHost write ~/Library/Preferences/ByHost/ dndStart -integer <start_time_in_minutes> To set the time when DND will be ...


System Preferences > Trackpad > More gestures Tick App Expose Swipe down with three fingers


This account is reserved for the graphical log in screen to shutter you to the command line environment / minimal text terminal. It’s not an actual account you can use to log in to the OS, just a signal to switch from one set of processes and interface to another. That being said, I wonder if something is up and you have an actual account you are loggin in ...


On macOS Mojave, you can just simply select both of the drives you want eject and click "CMD+E". This will eject both of your disks without any prompts.

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