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Rules in iOS mail

This is now possible on iOS 17 and iPadOS 17. Open Settings > [Your Name] > iCloud > iCloud Mail > iCloud Mail Rules.
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Applescript: Mail - Is there a way to save user settings and re-apply them

I found what the problem was. "always bcc myself" and "always cc myself" are not independent. In fact it implemented as "always [xx] myself" as true or false, and "...
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Is it possible to merge multiple email threads in Apple's Mail client?

To the best of my knowledge, only the Hey and Missive email services support this feature.
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Apple Mail sometimes not showing content of e-mail

New approach: After I could not find a solution to the problem, I examined the behavior after upgrading to Ventura: So far, the problem has disappeared wherever it occurred (with at least 4 customers)....
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Mail does not show up on the iPhone, only online on the email's website or in other third party tools

Delete ALL accounts on the phone and re-add them. I have found that one troubleshooting step in to fix a multitude of issues. Failing that I would be tempted to back-up, wipe and then restore ...
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My Mail app (MacOS Catalina 10.15.3) displays phantom unread messages

I added more rules to the Smart Mailbox (mainly read after and read before) until there were only very few mails. Then I tried unread/read on them and finally pinpoint the exact mail that causes this ...
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Apple Mail sometimes not showing content of e-mail

MacBook Air: I just fixed the problem of email not downloading content. I went to mail, preferences, selected iCloud. Make sure that the iCloud account is enabled and online. Problem fixed!!!
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Change signature of open e-mail with Apple Script

I finally found a solution myself. Here's the working code: tell application "Mail" activate end tell tell application "System Events" tell process "Mail" ...
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Mail not sending on macOS

This is a known bug with macOS 13.5 that is (partially) fixed in 13.5.1.
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