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System Prefs > Mission Control Uncheck Automatically rearrange Spaces based on most recent use. This will fix the order of all your regular Spaces - but not Fullscreen spaces, which always go to the right of existing numbered Spaces. From comments: Note this cannot fix the Mac confusing which external screen is which. That's not user-controlled at all, &...


To allow TouchID on your Mac to authenticate you for sudo access instead of a password you need to do the following. Open Terminal Switch to the root user with sudo su - Edit the /etc/pam.d/sudo file with a command-line editor such as vim or nano The contents of this file should look like one of the following examples: # sudo: auth account password ...


They are now buried inside the user Library folder. The full path is: ~/Library/Containers/ The Books.plist there contains itemID values that connect the book titles with their *.epub or *.ibooks names [iBooks 1.2, OS 10.10.5].


Actually, something like pmset -g log|grep -e " Sleep " -e " Wake " is what really gives me a clean timeline of sleep/wake events on 10.8.2. powerd does not log anything about it, at least on my system (10.8.2, MacBook Pro Retina 15). 02/03/13 19:48:37 GMT-03 Sleep Maintenance Sleep Sleep: Using AC (Charge:99%) ...


Original Answer (Update below): Apple has provided this functionality as part of its OS X El Capitan. Here are the steps: Click and hold on the green maximize button of an active window (for example, a Safari window); When the window shrinks slightly and the background becomes highlighted, you’re about to enter Split View, while continuing to hold the green ...


I've got this figured out. On OSX, the "RCD" (remote control daemon) is responsible for the naughtiness. It has hard-coded list of actions to do when it detects certain "events" - one of them being connecting to a bluetooth headset. To disable this behaviour (minimal loss of functionality, possibly your apple remote won't work), use the ...


In System Preferences > Bluetooth, make sure that Bluetooth is on and the Show Bluetooth in menu bar check box is checked. Then hold down alt or option before clicking the Bluetooth toolbar menu icon. Now, in the device's contextual menu you can remove it.


Ctrl-click (or two finger click) on the file you want the path from, then press Opt and select "Copy as path name" (or what it's called in english) from the context menu. You can also just select the file and then press Opt-Cmd-C to copy the pathname to the clipboard.


If you're using iTerm2 (v3.2.8+) you may have seen Touch ID failing to work with sudo in the terminal despite having made the modification as above, and it working in previous versions. This is down to an advanced feature that seems to be now enabled by default - this needs to be turned off here: iTerm2->Preferences > Advanced > (Goto the Session ...


A free and open-source solution is BackgroundMusic. A nicer and paid solution is Rogue Amoeba's SoundSource


You can permanently disable discrete graphics card following next steps: UPDATE! Try to edit NVRAM variable from Single-User mode The procedure described in the steps 1-3 worked for me until macOS Sierra, but with the upgrade to High Sierra, I started getting a pinkish/reddish screen and I was unable to enter Recovery mode to repeat step 3 as I had to do ...


A less drastic way: Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy and give Full Disk Access to Terminal. Adapted from


Keystone Fetch / ksfetch The ksfetch process on OS X is part of Google Chrome's update mechanism. The ks prefix is an abbreviation of Keystone. The process appears to be responsible for fetching updates to Google's products. It is this role that uses your bandwidth. Using slick's answer you can disable the corresponding process that uses ksfetch. ...


The quickest, simplest and arguably most correct way of doing this is using the open command in Terminal. In a new window, run the command open -na Calculator This will open a new (-n) instance of the application (-a) Calculator. If you want to have this handy at the click of a button, you can type the following commands into the Terminal, and it will ...


I’m going to jump out on a limb here and make the assumption that you’re probably a Chrome user and before you went away you updated Chrome. If so, you're probably the victim of a Chrome updater bug and your issues are not related to your Apple hardware nor a bug with macOS. NOTE: If you're running Mac OS X El Capitan or later and have not disabled SIP, ...


That item is the VMWare fusion menu bar icon. The vendor has this article and steps to allow you to disable and configure it. To modify the behavior of this feature: Go to Virtual Machine > Settings. Click Application Menu (Applications in Fusion 3). Click the Applications Menu tab if using Fusion 3. From the Show ...


Have you tried using the Locations feature? Go to System Preferences > Network, Click on the "Location" dropdown menu, Choose "Edit Locations", Click on the add button and give the location a name. I would suggest you give it a name that's related to the proxy, Now that you've setup a new location, go through the networking configuration, ensuring you set ...


First things first—we need to get verbose boot working, so we can see what the computer is doing. I don't know why cmdV doesn't work, but there's another way. Open the bootable USB installer in Finder and navigate to Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration/, then open in a text editor. The important section will look something like this: ...


It should work in Finder by default, but did you press the right delete key? Delete (⌫) is the key that is called backspace on other platforms Forward delete (⌦) is the key that is called delete on other platforms


Press option+return or control+return to enter a new line. Edit: Added additional key combo re: smoooosher's comment to the OP


After several attempts I finally found the file that is created during the installation process. So to prevent AnyDesk from starting at login, you need to delete the file, /Library/LaunchAgents/com.philandro.anydesk.Frontend.plist That solved my issues with autostarting AnyDesk at login.


OP here – I'd just like to add to the answer below, that I've been in contact with Apple Support. Explanation Apple claims that the poor Mono 8kHz quality which affects recording and indeed simultaneously playback on Mac when the AirPod microphones are activated, is because the SCO codec then gets employed over the entire Mac audio system. This is supposedly ...


It sounds like when you dragged the downloads folder out of the finder sidebar it vanished before it got to the dock. if that is correct it is pretty easy to get it back: Open a Finder window and go to your user folder In the user folder you should see the downloads folder Drag the downloads folder to the place you want it in the sidebar Drag the Downloads ...


I have had this problem in the past. I found my answer here. Open terminal from the utilities folder in the applications folder. Type sudo killall VDCAssistant into terminal and click enter. Then, enter sudo killall AppleCameraAssistant (may say "No matching processes were found&...


No need for command line... Add all the images to be renamed into a folder. Select all files, right click mouse and select "Rename x items" Select "Add text" from first drop down menu Select "Before name" from the second drop down menu Enter "Vacation_" into the text box (without the quotation marks) Press Enter.


Based on this post, the following worked for me. Check if the pboard daemon is running: launchctl list | grep If the pboard daemon is running, then stop and start it. If it's not running, start it: launchctl stop launchctl start Then, you may need to restart the application(s) where cut-and-paste is ...


In the find file window, press Command-Shift-G. It'll ask you what folder to navigate to. Enter ~/.ssh and press return.


Probably connected to where you bought the machine. From Emojipedia: The flag for Taiwan, which may show as the letters TW on some platforms. This flag is hidden from the emoji keyboard on iOS devices where the region is set to china. Chinese iPhones won't display this flag and will instead show a missing character tofu (□).


The case is tapered. It's thicker at the back than the front. Pic from Apple Store - Macbook


You can use Network Link Conditioner. You will want to ignore the testing settings. Make a Custom Profile and set to have no packets dropped and no delay. Start with uplink and downlink at 2.45 Mbps each and see if you need lower limits to prevent disconnects. It is a free download in Xcode (go to Xcode → Open Developer Tool → More Developer Tools… and ...

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