In How to position your Mac mini, Apple, perhaps being overcautious, say not to: Don't put anything on top of your Mac mini or stack Mac minis on top of each other either. If your Mac mini is configured with AirPort or Bluetooth, you could hamper the signal strength since the antennas are located in the top of the computer. If you only connect with ...


I use an IKEA 7-inch trivet underneath my Mac mini to improve ventilation. That might help between stacked Mac minis :


I wish I had a picture for absolute proof, but at one point we stacked up 5 Mac minis for several years running two FirstClass email servers, an OD server, and two file servers. They were in a well air-conditioned systems room with superlative ventilation. To improve the air-flow between the Mac minis, I did stick 1/2" rubber feet at each corner of the ...


It depends on the workloads you subject it to. Except for extreme scenarios, you should be fine. Create a little clearance between the units and allow room for convection, don't put them in a cupboard. If you are building a render farm out of new Mac mini's (don't), you're probably using them in a professional capacity. And you're probably planning to phase ...


This is exactly why Apple made the cut-off for machines that don't support the Metal graphics framework. You can expect all sorts of graphics glitches if you're trying to run an OS that expects hardware you don't have.

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