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This crash signature suggests that you may have one or more corrupted fonts installed. Try restoring the standard system fonts. Open /Applications/Font Book. Choose File > Restore Standard Fonts.... Press 'Proceed'. Restart your Mac. (This is not strictly necessary in many cases, but it's possible that some resident framework could be holding on to a ...


It's because your Mac os system version is not up to date : 11.2.3 Wonce updated to 11.4 you vill be cleared of this problem.


I was able to do brew install blueutil and then use the recent command: blueutil --recent to get the mac address of my airpods then use the info command: blueutil --info fc-1d-43-b9-8f-05 address: fc-1d-43-b9-8f-05, not connected, not favourite, paired, name: "James’s AirPods Pro", recent access date: 2021-05-26 18:36:22 +0000 this gives you the ...

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