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Although I know this may overwrite user keynote preferences, the folder '' stored in the containers folder seems to hold the stored user shapes. Library > Containers >


Try pressing Shift - ▼ (Shift - Down Arrow) to advance through slides without triggering slide elements (animations, video playback etc.).


Simple answer: no. Apple removed the PPT-like quick format bar when iWork '09 was replaced by the current versions. Anyway, here are my workarunds/best practices: Question 1 a) You can keep the "Arrange" tools palette open for quick access to – well – the Arrange tools. View menu -> Show Arrange Tools b) Most Arrange menu items /Align, Distribute) don't ...


Your delimiter in numbers is set to a 'space', so it reads spaces in the sentence as being cell delimiter. Hence, each word goes into a separate cell. You need to change the delimiter to a comma or a tab. Then only values separated this chacter will fill new cells. To change delimiter (taken from question): In Numbers you can use any separator when ...

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