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In iPadOS 13 undo and redo are three finger gestures. Undo is supposed to be a three finger swipe to the left and redo a three finger swipe to the right. The movement to or from a three finger chord certainly may be recognized as a quick swipe. Try disabling gestures in Settings. Because this is in beta the location of settings like this may change between ...


Yes, there's a possibility of full screen mode by adding the web site to the Home Screen. You do that by opening the web site in the Safari browser. Then click the "arrow out of the box" icon just to left of the address line. In the menu that pops up, click "Add to Home Screen". Now'll you see an icon on the home screen for the web site. Click that and it ...


Click on the share icon (see image below) and go to the bottom set of options. Scroll right on those options and select "Save to files". It will open a panel asking you where to save the text.txt file. You can select the Pages folder.


Both can happen. Contact your carrier to see if they allow WiFi calling or need handoff to be present.

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