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The top item in the main settings menu is General > on the next page you want Language, which is item 1 (of 2) in the 4th group. If you ignore the groups, it's item number 14 on mine.


Starting with iOS 13, there is now a way to set an individual language for each app. In the Apple Settings app, open the settings of the specific app, and select the language under "Preferred Language". You can select from the languages that the app supports.


Months of back and forth with Apple Support, and they've been as useless as they could over the matter. Every time I've followed they've asked for a few extra screenshots and then once I've submitted them, they've gone silent and unresponsive. After spending lots of time on this, I managed to fix my problem. Here's what I tried, what did not work and what ...


I also found this to work: bash-3.2$ LANG=de.UTF-8 bash-3.2$ /Applications/MuseScore\


According to a few 2018 articles, the restrictions are based on the region where the watch was sold, and the removal of blocks is implemented by a watchOS update. Not tied to ID. No geo-fence. There was speculation that changing the watch's region settings could bypass the restriction, but those articles correct that understanding. Given these facts, ...


I would expect the opposite mechanism that what your title says - I get the feeling ECG is disabled everywhere by default and only enabled where cleared. I also expect this activation to happen once and then write a configuration profile so the OS can read the value from the Secure Enclave which makes it tamper resistant and survive iOS restores or other ...


For Google Chrome do this: defaults write AppleLanguages '("en-US")'

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