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brew install pianobar failed

Homebrew in general and the pianobar formula don‘t support Mojave. I ended up installing it with Macports instead.
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Unable to install any .pkg file after reinstalling Ventura - Installer crashes

I fixed this by reinstalling Rosetta via Terminal!
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Struggling to install macOS High Sierra on MacBook 2011 17"

I would suggest the following variant on Method 4. Step 1 below uses Lion to download El Capitan directly from Apple. This was not done in your original version of Method 4. Start will Lion (OS X 10....
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iMac 2011 10.13.6 High Sierra

Can I avoid disassembling to take out the SSD and format it? Yes. You could try booting to High Sierra Internet Recovery. If successful, you could use the Disk Utility perform operations (such as ...
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`ENOENT: no such file or directory` error when installing ReactJS in M1 Mac

You can't create a directory in the root in any version of macOS that runs on an M1. Instructions found at the Create React App website indicate that's not how you're supposed to start the development....
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