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Update to macOS Sonoma completely rearranges Desktop

It sounds like iCloud Drive "Desktop and Documents" has been turned on. This stores everything in these folders in iCloud, and synchronises them to your Mac or Macs. First thing is to back ...
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How to handle a kernel_task going wild, wrongly trying to cool my Mac?

Reading the symptoms, this is not for fainthearted DIY, but you need to replace the Power supply. Replace PS It has a loose connection on the AC/DC T2 Sec HeatSink which is located on the power supply ...
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Gathering photos from multiple sources on a new iMac

What you call a photo is actually : an image file of a specific event which can take various formats and forms (Raw, jpeg, at various compression levels) and that can take different forms on ...
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Unable to partition apfs on internal ssd. macOS high sierra

I got it working by erasing the disk with the high sierra recovery, re-installing MacOS, and then partitioning. Now I have big sur and high sierra working perfectly together!
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Is it possible to rotate the screen on an M1 or M3 iMac?

I have an external display that shows a Rotation setting, and if I change the value, then the file: /Library/Preferences/ is modified. It contains an XML key for ...
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Best way to recover a photo library when it is incompatible with current os

If the Library is an iCloud Photos lib you can download a fresh copy while booted to the earlier OS. Another little known way is to open the Photos Library in the older OS while holding command plus ...
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