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The Icon shown is the LibreOffice icon.


Turns out, I just had to reset the 'dock' process. I opened Terminal and typed killall Dock and pressed enter. The screen flashed for a second, and everything came back with my stuck icon gone. Thanks for the suggestions! They're probably simpler than the way I did it.


What you are seeing is in fact the correct icon for the LibreOffice suite. To make it explicit, here's the full set of the application icons of the LibreOffice suite, together with the LibreOffice icon itself on top (image taken from their website): Notice how the top icon, the LibreOffice general icon, is the same "empty document" icon as you have on your ...


The Eject menu is part of the Menu Extras that are of the standard core service items for the Mac. It is not normally enabled. But one way of enabling it is to double click on the /System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras/ file. The Eject menu is normally for your built in disc drive if you have one. It may or may not work on external disc ...


It's been moved into one of the add-on packages for Xcode, and is now part of the Graphics Tools for Xcode package. Apparently this is (at least partly?) because this is no longer the 'officially recommended' way to generate (high resolution) icons. See the OS X Human Interface Guidelines and the High Resolution Guidelines for more info. I believe Icon ...


Go to System Preferences then Sound, then put a check on "Show volume in menu bar".


As you've noticed, recent versions of OS X only display generic folder icons in the sidebar. So why does Dropbox get special treatment? The short answer is that Dropbox uses undocumented API to accomplish this. In non-technical speak, it's a special hack that's installed by the Dropbox application. Some curious folks on StackOverflow found the specific ...


Because it was Apple's way of making fun of Windows. No reason other than that.


If you're using Bartender, check that it's not set to completely hide the volume icon. You would think if you had this answer's problem you wouldn't need this answer, but then you wouldn't be thinking of me -_-


I can think of three (well, sort of) potential solutions to this. You do not need to try these in any particular order - try one first and if the issue returns, then try the other. Option 1 requires entering commands in Terminal, Option 2 doesn't but sometimes only works temporarily. And the third option is doing both Option 1 and 2. Option 1: Reset icon ...


So turns out, this problem extended to other parts in the system, namely: Xcode. After some back-and-forth communication with Apple's support case team, the crash problem in Xcode turned out to be ibtoold and pboard processes are malfunctioning. They said it's a clipboard set of processes, and if I have any clipboard-relevant apps - they might be clashing ...


This is because it loads the previews of the files, which replace the default file icons. To disable icon previews on the desktop, click on the desktop, press ⌘J and uncheck ‘Show icon previews’.


"Get Info" of the folder you want the icon to be replaced, using Finder, drag and drop the *.icns file to the current top, i.e. smaller icon of the folder in the "Get Info" window.


With the benefit of several years of hindsight: user588's answer and koiyu's answer work well, but they rely on utilities (Rez, DeRez, and SetFile) that: aren't installed by default (they come with either Xcode or the developer command-line utilities) are now deprecated (Rez and DeRez, because they relate to Carbon) osxiconutils look interesting, but won'...


You can mark it in the Get Info dialog, go Edit → Copy, switch to Preview, and select File → New from clipboard.


It's not that the icon is sideways, it's that the small thumbnail for the file that's used as the icon needs to be wide because the CSV file has at least one really long line of data in it. The thumbnail you're seeing is a dynamic preview of the contents of the file and in the case of the file on the top of the image, the data contents demand a lot of ...


Here is a easy way to change the icon. Remove Sublime Text from your dock. Open two finder windows. One with Applications and one in the folder with the new icon. Like so: Then click on Sublime Text and press CMD + i, this will bring up the Info Window for the App (Sublime Text). Like so: Now, it's as easy as this: Drag and drop the new icon onto the ...


Get Info on the folder. Click the icon on the top-left of the window. Press ⌘X or Backspace Alternatively, cd into the directory and run rm Icon$'\r' To delete the icon from multiple folders at the same time, run the following command: find ~/Desktop -name Icon$'\r' -delete Replace ~/Desktop with the containing folder of the folders that you wish to ...


I just tried typing in different things and discovered that "small-spacer-tile" adds a narrow space. $ defaults write persistent-apps -array-add '{"tile-type"="small-spacer-tile";}' $ killall Dock Here, a "small-spacer-tile" vs a "spacer-tile":


What I found easier than downloading, installing, and finding Icon Composer was using the command-line tool iconutil. Put your png files of each size into a folder. The folder must have the extension .iconset Enter this command into the Terminal window: iconutil -c icns <iconset filename> where <iconset filename> is the path to the folder ...


This happened to me. I believe this only happens when your computer is asleep and the battery dies completely and you plug it in before you snap it out of the sleep. It is supposed to let you know that that account is the one that you are still logged in on. I still can't explain why you have to log in twice. Strange huh I'm not 100% sure though.


The easiest fix is to just open the app drawer, holding any icon until the move motion occurs, then move any application; it seems to fix it everytime it happens for me.


Its the TTY icon, according to this Apple KB. You can go to Settings -> Phone to turn it off. TTY, Teletype (or various other names for it) is a special device you can use on a phone to help those that are deaf or hard of hearing communicate. Not sure why it would be enabled with the new SIM, unless there was something on the account on the new SIM that ...


Check out Icon Composer 2x. It's a replacement for Apple's Icon Composer that supports Retina Resolution Icons. You can get it here: I wrote the app, it's free and source code is available on Github if you're interested.


You can use from curl -o;mkdir icons;python -o icons


You can reset OS X's icon cache with the following commands. Just copy and paste each into a Terminal window and then reboot your Mac. sudo find /private/var/folders/ -name -exec rm {} \; sudo find /private/var/folders/ -name -exec rm -rf {} \; sudo rm -rf /Library/Caches/ ...


If you would like to change the icon anyway, you can change the icon of any app in one of two ways (although there may be more ways to do this): Manually Find an app in the Finder, usually in your /Applications/ folder. Click on it and press ⌘I to bring up the Information panel Drag the icon file you want to use onto the application's current icon on the ...


In 10.5+, Apple's built-in lets you do edit .icns files! (Preview used to be pretty bare-bones back in 10.2 days, but with every OS release it has gotten more and more powerful.) After opening the file, use the up/down arrow keys to switch between the different sized icon and bitmask images contained in the .icns file. Then with each image you ...


It looks like the application is adding that icon. I checked the Level application on my phone (sort of a free demo for Carpenter) and it has a button with the same design in the upper right corner: Tapping the button gives this screen: Google still has some update notes cached where the developer listed this as a new feature in the App Store: Added ...


According to the documentation for the Finder Sync Extension: You can also use the extension point’s API to add a toolbar button to the Finder window or a sidebar icon for the monitored folder. I would guess this is what Dropbox uses to achieve this and some/all the other functionality facilitated by this extension. For example you can also: ...

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