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How to convert a HEIF/HEIC image to JPEG in macOS?

You can use the command line tool imagemagick to convert HEIC images to JPG. # install imagemagick brew install imagemagick # convert a single image magick convert foo.HEIC foo.jpg # bulk convert ...
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Spam iCloud Calendar Invitations

Regarding how to prevent this in the future (question #3): Log in to iCloud Calendar on a computer web browser Authenticate if needed, then select the Calendar view Select the Settings Gear icon ⚙ in ...
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Can I trust Apple support and share my password?

In a word, NO. No-one reputable will EVER ask for your password, EVER. Proper support have the tools and such in place to allow them the access they need to do what they need. If they have to ...
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How to convert a HEIF/HEIC image to JPEG in macOS?

The macOS-native way of doing image conversions like these is apparently sips(1) (raising comments of Pat Niemeyer and jonatan to proper answer status, for improved findability): sips -s format jpeg ...
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How to exclude a sub folder from iCloud drive in macOS Sierra?

Update 2022 This method doesn't work anymore. you need to change the directory name to *.nosync, as described in other answers. Adding one empty file named .nosync to a folder will prevent that ...
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Spam iCloud Calendar Invitations

I've had the exact same email. I've managed to get rid of it by doing the following: Create a new iCloud calendar - I called mine junk Move the spam invite to the new Junk calendar Delete the newly ...
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iCloud Drive Won't Sync on Mac

[update August 2022] Intagli reports that as of On Big Sur mv CloudDocs CloudDocsOld causes an error. The fix is to use the Finder to rename the folder. To find the correct folder in the Finder: type ...
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How to exclude a sub folder from iCloud drive in macOS Sierra?

Here are all the file/folder names excluded so maybe one of these could be used for a workaround: Filename: is .DS_Store begins with (A Document Being Saved contains .nosync (in any case) is .ubd ...
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Why am I seeing "Your network settings prevent content from loading privately" in the mail apps after updating Pi-hole?

Recent versions of Pi-hole automatically sink hole requests to two key Apple domains ( and to prevent the Apple Private Relay feature from bypassing Pi-hole. Due to ...
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Resigned from a job, they are now asking me for my personal Apple ID and password to remove Activation Lock - does this make sense?

Do NOT share your Apple ID credentials. It doesn’t matter if you create a temp password, once another party has access to your account, they can easily seize control. Let them know that under no ...
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Is it true that Apple won't allow users to download full resolution photos from iCloud Photo to Windows computers?

The iCloud for Windows app downloads the ‘most compatible’ version of the photo, which is a compressed JPEG capped to roughly 4 MP, as Windows does not by default support HEIF. You can download the ...
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Link to a note in Apple Notes, from another note

Adding an additional method to Seamus'excellent answer from above… this one keeps you entirely in the Mac app: In the Mac app, go to the note that you want to reference ("Donuts I've Eaten") and ...
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Download folder from iCloud Drive web

No proper solution Up today (2021-03-13), there is no immediate way to download a specified folder from iCloud. The download button is grayed/disable for folders in Below there are only ...
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How to convert a HEIF/HEIC image to JPEG in macOS?

We just released this little free app for macOS: Minimum macOS version is 10.8, so no worries with El Capitan. : )
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How to add a Google calendar shared with me, to my iCloud calendars

There are two methods: Method 1: When you open the link of the calendar shared with you. You could click the plus sign at the right corner to add it into your own google calendar. Go to https://www....
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Can someone who registered my iPhone read all my text messages?

Will he be able to read all of my iPhone's text messages? Yes. If he has an iPad, Mac, or iPhone hooked up to the same iCloud account as you use on your iPhone, then all of the texts you receive will ...
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Verification Failed. There was an error in connecting to your Apple ID

This was driving me crazy! Accidentally the "set time/date automatically" had been turned off and the date was way off. Turning this back on made everything work again! Apple ID worked and all Google ...
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iCloud Drive is stuck uploading items and no longer syncs

I saw this comment in one of the threads here and it worked for me: "I found killall bird can reset the upload and then my stuck is resolved" – @zhangciwu
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Now that I have iCloud, what benefit does Time Machine provide?

iCloud is sync service. Time Machine is a backup tool. They're both important and not interchangeable. You use iCloud to sync content across all your devices. This way, you can access the most ...
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Can I trust Apple support and share my password?

I used to work for Apple support, both iPhone and Mac, both first and second level ("Senior Advisor" to the outside world). Without knowing all the details, here's my reaction: Support operations ...
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Can I view Shared Albums in the iCloud Photos web interface?

You can’t as of December 2018:
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Is it still possible to get email address?

The steps seem strange, but first you must create your appleid using a non Apple address (note that if you already have an @icloud, @mac, or @me email address that email address is already an Apple ID)...
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My iPhone got stolen. It has a passcode and was in airplane mode so it does not have Wifi. But today it appears on find my device?

Today, 3 months later (of the loss); it just notified me that my lost iPhone has been located and put in lost mode! Even if there isn't any Internet connection at your device's last location, Find My ...
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Is there a way via the command line to cause .icloud files to download?

Scott Garret and Allan’s answer above is very close. In the terminal, however, each *.icloud file is prefixed with a . when NOT downloaded. For example, a directory called foo with optimised (i.e., ...
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Someone in China tried to log into my AppleID account. What should I do?

Apple recommends you select Don't Allow since that will block this attempt. The bottom of the page linked above has steps to take (like change your password) ...
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Does Apple make backups of iCloud?

Does Apple make backups of iCloud? From an infrastructure management perspective, yes they do. However, it’s not something consumers can access alone and it’s not something Apple support staff and ...
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Why is the accountsd process eating so much CPU?

This issue appeared with macOS Catalina for me, and only if I have the Mail app open without an internet connection. Going to Mail->Window->Connection Doctor->ShowDetail, it looks like there'...
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How to exclude a sub folder from iCloud drive in macOS Sierra?

Rename the folder or file: mv fileorfolder fileorfolder.nosync Create a symlink that get's synced: ln -s fileorfolder.nosync fileorfolder Repeat on every machine.
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